St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School is an Academy of Watergrove Trust. Watergrove Trust is the admission authority for the school, and the school is required to act in accordance with the School Admissions Code. Watergrove Trust has delegated responsibility for admissions to the Local Governing Body of St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School.

The admissions process is co-ordinated by Rochdale Council (the Local Authority) and the school liaises with the Local Authority and Manchester Diocese on admissions issues.

The following arrangements for admissions include the criteria used to determine the allocation of places when the school is oversubscribed:

Why hasn’t my child been allocated a reception place at my preferred school?

If your child hasn’t been allocated a place at your preferred school, it’s because the school received more applications than there are places available at the school.

Where a school is oversubscribed, the admission authority for the school has to apply their published admission criteria to decide in which order the available places should be offered.

You’ll only be refused a place at your preferred school where the school is oversubscribed and it was not possible to allocate your child a place when the admission criteria were applied.

When allocating places, the school must take into account what the law says about the sizes of classes in Key Stage One. In most schools in the borough, if any additional child was admitted above the schools published admission number, the school would not be able to comply with the law regarding infant class sizes without making accommodating measures, such as employing an additional teacher.

Please see the below image from Rochdale Borough Council that states key dates with regards to appeals.

Nursery Application Dates

15th January 2020 – Nursery Applications close.
April 2020 – Parents will be informed if their child has a place at St. Andrew’s Nursery.
15th May 2020 – Parents to confirm their child’s place for September 2020 by this date

Applying for Secondary School?

For school applications for children who live within the Rochdale Local Authority please follow the link below for more details on secondary school.

Please apply the deadline and use all four preference slots, using just one will not guarantee that school.

​​​How to apply for a secondary school place

Applying for a secondary school place is quick and easy with a secure online application.

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